Feisty Women Anonymous

I am not great at building habits- just bad ones.  I am not talking about really bad ones, like hard drugs, but like the ones that just aren’t really making things better… like late night ice cream, keeping skittles beside your bed, or hitting snooze 8 times before getting up.  I don’t do drugs, not even mild ones- or even drink (for now), I am almost 26 weeks pregnant with my second child.  I have a toddler, which makes it hard to build habits that aren’t centered around nap or meal times.  I am tired most of the time- I work full time, have a husband, and live in Kenya.

Overall I have a great life, but it just really doesn’t look like most of the lives I see in social media or these really beautiful how to blogs.  A few things I want to do here- attempt to stop woman on woman crime, paint a realistic picture of my life in hopes that can become more of the norm, and come to grips with my changing life and self… and maybe start quite a feisty following.


xo Feisty Anonymous


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